Practice Routine

I thought for a change, I’d do a blog post over-viewing my practice routine. I’ve been having some “trumpet epiphanies” as of late. I’ve also always been fascinated in checking out how other people organize their practice. Anyone who knows me personally knows that for better or worse, I love schedules and routines, but this one seems to be leading me to some cool and creative places at the moment. Feel free to comment with any ideas or routines of your own!

Playing the leadpipe

Cichowicz Long Tones, ascending to top of usable range.

Caruso “6 Notes”

Clark 1, 2, or 3.

Lip slurs (usually Schlossberg, Irons, or Thiecke).

Two Octave Scales, alternating slurring and tonguing. I play these ascending until I “top out.” After three failed attempts, I rest for a bit.

Stamp Exercises in Pedal Tone Register.

Lately, I’ve been starting with Rochut (trombone etudes), working on a full, resonant sound.

Next, I rotate through Cichowicz Flow Studies, Bousqet, and Verne Reynolds.

Depending on how I feel, I try to end with articulation exercises from John Blount’s “Trumpet Solfeggio.”


“Licks” extracted from transcriptions, running through the cycle (usually 3 seperate ideas).

All Scales (all modes, bebop scales, altered, etc.) in one key (new key daily)

Building all permutations of chords off one note (using just C, arpeggiating every chord that contains C; I find this helps stretch my harmonic awareness)

Transcription (currently Dexter Gordon on “Lady Be Good”)

Practice Tunes (either 3 tunes, or one in multiple keys; lately I’ve been running Lady Bird, I’ll Close My Eyes, and Smile…many of these I’ll pull from a “Rep List” I made to keep the tunes I know fresh).

Thanks for checking this out, and feel free to share your thoughts/own routines!

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